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Mark 1


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Let’s start with the good news about Jesus Christ, who the prophet Isaiah wrote extensively about. “I will send someone to introduce you who will set the events in motion. He will make his announcement from a desert pulpit. “Repair the road for your Lord, straighten your streets for him” And it was John who […]

The Enduring Value of a Mentor

By Charles R. Swindoll

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“Dr. Howard Hendricks said that every Christian needs at least three individuals in his or her life. We need someone who has come before us who mentors us. We need another beside us who shares our burden. And we need someone beyond us whom we’re mentoring. Otherwise, we grow stagnant.”

Almost Well

By Wilma Van Der Leek

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This is a paper Wilma has written on the teaching and life of the Puritan pastor, Richard Baxter. Read it to become more familiar with some of the themes he focused on and the influences this profound man has had.