Recommended Books

“May there be no reading without devotion, no reflection without wisdom, no knowledge without love.”  – Saint Bonaventure

This is a list of books that many have found insightful and valuable to their Christian faith and understanding, some of which are more recent, while others are true Christian classics.  It is unlikely this list will ever be comprehensive, but it’s a wide sampling of good Christian books that will inspire and challenge you to dig deep.  They also cover a wide range of topics, genres, writing styles, and reading levels.  We hope and trust this will be a useful resource to the people of God.

The list does not imply that LDN  endorses every thought, word and idea contained in each book.  We trust the people of God to be prayerfully discerning and to search the scriptures whenever there are questions or concerns of any kind.

Note: “New” is a topic filter for listing only books published since about 2005, useful if you’re only interested in the most recent books.

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Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work

Author: Peterson, Eugene H. | Topic: Leadership | Purchase: Amazon Link

The Church of the Perfect Storm

Author: Sweet, Leonard | Topic: Church New | Purchase: Amazon Link