Let’s Talk About

General Description

These 1-day events provide opportunity to strengthen leadership – CRC elders, deacons, and other ministry leaders come together to engage topics relevant to Christian leadership. Scheduled sessions may be held centrally to include leaders from various churches, or a church may wish to book their own session on a given topic.

Scheduled Events:

    • Refer to the list of Event Dates.
    • The maximum attendees per event is 25.
    • Lunch is provided.
    • Some reading preparation is required.
    • Bring your Bible, pen & paper.
    • After you register, the registrar will contact and verify each person before the event.

Booking an LTA for Your Church:

You may wish to book an LTA more specific to your leaders from the available list of topics.  For further details regarding fees and to book a date, contact the administrator, Marion Van Driel at bcldn.contact@gmail.com.

To book, click here.

Comments & Feedback

Let’s Talk About… was a healthy teaching time for leaders who find their health in Jesus.  Having the “salad” of preparation, the “bread” of a conversational format, the “mixed wine” of elders and deacons together, and of course, the main course, chewing on the Word,  made for good spiritual nutrition.  For the health of it, more leaders should try this!
– John Bron (Elder, Fleetwood CRC)