LTA Session Topics

Let’s Talk About….workshops are one-day intensive learning opportunities on a variety of timely topics for our church and ministry leaders. Since all LTAs build on the deep well of scripture, participants are asked to read and reflect on assigned biblical text beforehand. The interactive conversational format builds community, trust in God and each other. Churches who have booked an LTA describe it as “encouraging, uplifting and forward-thinking.”

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  • Let’s Talk AboutBiblical leadership

Does leadership in the church ever feel overwhelm­ing? Is there a way to lead out of joy rather than mere duty? What are the non-negotiables of Biblical lead­ership? Learning more about the possibility and joy of healthy Christian leadership that remains vitally connected to the core convictions of the Christian faith. Have the gift of your own leadership “fanned into flame” through engaging Paul’s pastoral letters to his overwhelmed friend, Timothy.

  • Let’s Talk Aboutdiscerning God’s will together

Are you a pragmatist when it comes to decision-making? Or a free-thinker who wants to just go with the Spirit’s flow? Though “your will be done” is our regular prayer, the truth is that it’s not always so clear how we are to distinguish and respond obediently to God’s voice, particularly in community. This workshop considers what it means to become leaders who intentionally seek God’s will and choose companionship with the Spirit, no mat­ter the cost. A Biblical approach to group spiri­tual discernment based on the story of the Church’s first major decision-making moment in Acts 15 will be presented as well as a close look at the difficulties of discernment evident in the stirring story of Jesus’ healing of the blind man in John 9. Additional insights from Pursuing God’s Will Together by Ruth Haley Barton and Grounded in God by Suzanne Farnham.

  • Let’s Talk Aboutbusyness, exhaustion and healing our divided selves

Being pulled in a hundred directions often characterises the Christian life. Martha wins out over Mary almost every time, despite Jesus’ call that we discern “the one thing necessary.” So what are we as leaders teaching our communities by our busyness? Is an undivided heart even possible? And what is this “one thing” that Jesus commends so highly? This workshop opens up the story of Martha, Mary and Jesus in Luke 10, with insights from Wholeheartedness by Chuck DeGroat. The workshop follows well from Let’s Talk About…discerning God’s will together, where we consider how important it is for leaders to be prayerful, listening people if they hope to be able to discern God’s will corporately for their communities.

  • Let’s Talk Aboutbeing Christians in a post-Christian world

Not that long ago, confidence in North America ran quite high that Christian belief and cultural change could proceed quite nicely hand in hand. It was “the Christian century.” Today, many Christian churches find themselves not in the mainstream, but on the fringes, seeking faithful responses to loss of members, resources, influence and even enthusiasm. Delving into the apostle Peter’s letter to a diverse group of Christians, this workshop will provide church leaders with hopeful Biblical grounding to the questions of: Where are we? How did we get here? and What is a faithful response to our current situation? Insights from The End of Christendom and The Future of Christianity by Douglas John Hall will also be drawn upon.

  • Let’s Talk Aboutsmall groups

Small groups remain a recurring feature of our gathered life in Christ, even though their form is constantly changing. Why is this? Is there something that can happen in a small group that can’t happen as well anywhere else? This workshop will explore a Biblical basis for the unique quality of Christian small groups to provide a safe place to form individuals into a healthy, inter-dependent, accountable body of Christ. Examining what it means to be made in the image of “three-who-are-one”, as well as the vision of a communal life “one another” life in the New Testament, a Biblical vision for the “why” of small groups will be engaged. Also practical “how to’s” in leading healthy small group meetings, from beginning to end. The workshop draws on Experiencing the Trinity by Darrell Johnson and Leading a Meeting by Catherine Widdicombe.

  • Let’s Talk Aboutreading the Bible 

We live in an age when the Bible and its authority are being both vigorously challenged and defended. What kind of a book is the Bible? How is the Bible being “used” in our CRC communities? What gives rise to divergent understandings of its meaning among sincere, committed readers? Drawing on Psalm 119, the book of Nehemiah, as well as Eugene Peterson’s Eat this Book, this workshop will explore the special kind of book the Bible is as well as the kind of imagination and faithfulness it wishes to form. The workshop unfolds with a goal towards building leadership in our local CRC churches that willingly reads the scriptures as a present resource for faith in order to recognize and enter into the liberating work God is doing in our time and place.

  • Let’s Talk Aboutmentoring leaders 

The practice of generally limiting leadership in our CRC communities to three-year terms can helpfully provide times of respite for leaders. But some have wondered if it also contributes to a lack of sustained cultural/spiritual change in our churches as well as an absence of the relational grace available to us in Christian leadership. Have we become a Christianity of efficiency rather than transforming relationship? Is there a more empowering, equipping way to practice leadership? This workshop will closely examine several Old Testament pictures of mentoring: Elijah & Elisha; Moses & Jethro- as well as draw on James Houston’s book The Mentored Life.

Let’s Talk About…workshops receive support from Classis BCSE and Classis BCNW.

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